Digital CX: The key to thriving through the pandemic

Seizing on the opportunity to boost their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, CIOs are crafting new technology solutions for customers, including new software that helps consumers interact with brands virtually and analytics that cultivate business insights.

In many cases, IT leaders are prioritizing digital capabilities targeted for future completion.

Such was the case at Enseo, a provider of streaming media and other services for hospitality chains, where CIO Kris Singleton sped up the development of a platform that enables guests to control connected systems in hotel rooms, including TV, thermostat and lights, via their smartphones.

Today guests in more than 30,000 rooms at Marriott and other leading hotel chains access the service, Enseo Connect, which comprises an edge device powered cloud software, via a web interface. Guests out and about town can turn the lights on and temperature up.

Kris Singleton, CIO, Enseo Enseo

Kris Singleton, CIO, Enseo

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